Tour and Travels in Varanasi


Discover Varanasi on an all-encompassing tour that includes all entrance tickets and transportation costs. Take in its cultural and religious sites on a guided walking tour, take private sunrise boat rides on the Ganges River, and witness Hindu rituals during an evening aarti ceremony. Check out the Best info about Goibibo.

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1. Boat Ride in the Ganges

Varanasi offers many activities and experiences for tourists to do on the Ganges, but boat rides on this sacred river are one of its main draws. Although some may view it as touristy, I firmly believe it should be part of your itinerary! A boat ride will give you a fantastic insight into Hindu culture as you travel.

As you stroll the city streets, you will witness people bathing, doing laundry, worshipping, and more. I recommend going on the sunrise boat ride for an incredible view of the cityscape.

Take photos at sunrise when the ghats are lit with beautiful colors from the morning sun – not to mention how less crowded it will be than other times of the day!

On your boat ride, you will pass by various ghats, such as Dashashwamedh and Manikarnika. When taking photographs at these ghats, remember they represent both life and death – avoid taking images that depict dead bodies or funeral pyres, as this could offend. Furthermore, people often bring the remains of loved ones they’ve lost so that their ashes can be scattered along the riverbanks.

2. Visit the Temples

Varanasi’s spiritual experience is inextricably tied to its ancient temples, each offering intricate designs, symbolism, and history that draws you in. A Temple Tour provides a thorough glimpse into this spiritual city’s cultural heritage as well as deep religious roots.

This tour begins at Varanasi’s Tripura Bhairwi Road as its starting point, then heads out along Ganges riverside ghats for visits along its length – used by Hindus for purification rituals and cremation services.

Exploring the Ghats allows guests to see devotees taking holy dips in the Ganges as well as families gathering to offer prayers. Furthermore, guests will visit Shivala Ghat, where you can enjoy peaceful riverbank walking before stopping by Kaal Bhairav Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva in his fiercest form, which allegedly requires permission for any journey entering or leaving city limits, according to legend. Furthermore, this temple houses a well with healing properties, which also houses an idol believed to have healing properties. Obtain the Best information about MakeMyTrip.

3. Enjoy the Local Food

Varanasi has long been recognized as a center for culture, giving rise to its unique music and cuisine. Over time, influences from Bihar and Bengal states have contributed significantly to shaping Varanasi’s cuisine.

Varanasi’s iconic dish, the Katori Chaat, should not be missed! A bowl-shaped treat made of deep-fried dough filled with anything from potatoes, sev, chutneys, and even fruit, you can find these street vendors all across Varanasi for this popular snack.

Varanasi offers many unique dishes, but one dish in particular stands out: Tamatar Chaat. Less commonly enjoyed elsewhere in India, this type of chaat combines tomatoes with Indian spices and other flavorful ingredients for an irresistibly tasty experience.

As an accompaniment, try out thandai – an Indian drink composed of milk churned with spices such as fennel seeds, saffron threads, almonds, and cardamom for an exciting twist. Perfect for cooling off during hot summer days! Often, the Amazing fact about Airbnb.

4. Visit the Bharat Kala Bhawan Museum

Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum, housed within Banaras Hindu University campus in Varanasi and considered one of India’s premier museums, showcases art and archaeological objects that reflect India’s rich cultural history. It’s most well-known for its collection of miniature paintings – thought to be amongst the largest anywhere – but also houses ancient sculptures, pottery items, coins, and terracotta figurines.

The museum features various galleries, such as Mahamana Malaviya Gallery, Nicholas Roerich Gallery, Chhavi or Painting Gallery, Sculpture Gallery, and Nidhi or Treasure Gallery. With more than 100,000 stunning collections, including archaeological materials and Indian philately and literary history, this institution holds great appeal for any history enthusiast.

Visitors are welcome to visit the museum anytime during the day, but early morning visits are strongly advised as this allows visitors to explore its collection before it becomes overrun with visitors. Notable exhibits at this museum include a Toilet Bearer from the 2nd century AD, a Buddha Figure from the Sunga Period, and a Bal Kartike Silver Coin from the Akbar Era, among many others.

5. Go for the Aarti

As dusk falls in Varanasi, its ghats come alive for an unforgettable Ganga Aarti ceremony that pays homage to all four elements essential for human life: water, fire, sky, and air. You won’t forget this experience!

Experience Banarasi culture firsthand while delighting your senses on Ganga Maa. Discover its bustling streets and bustling ghats from an alternative angle while floating along Ganga Maa riverbank on board an anchored boat anchored in Ganga Maa. Hire a Hindi or English-speaking guide to ensure maximum enjoyment during your time here!

On this unforgettable tour of Varanasi, see the magnificent Banaras Hindu University, New Vishwanath Temple, and Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum. Discover its ancient traditions during a guided walk; visit cremation ghats to meet an Aghori Sadhu who has forsaken worldly pleasures for spiritual gains; discover Sarnath, where Buddha delivered his inaugural sermon – these attractions await!