Top 5 Google Pixel 7a Cases


The Google Pixel 7a offers one of the best values in Android. Its powerful hardware outperforms its faster competition, and its intuitive software enables maximum productivity. Keep it secure with a stylish case! This is the best way to find the Authority Links.

Consider cases with an excellent drop rating–preferably MIL-STD-810G certified–and port covers that protect from dust and debris. Bellroy offers eco-tanned leather and recycled polycarbonate for a smooth feel.

OtterBox Commuter Series Case

This case leans more toward function than style yet still looks and feels great while protecting your phone without adding too much bulk. The dual-layer design features a soft inner slipcover and a hard outer shell, which snap together securely to protect the camera, screen, and cover from bumps and bruises.

Soft rubber offers extra grip, while rigid plastic helps absorb and deflect impact. The Otterbox website also has an informative chart detailing how this case fared during military drop testing. Raised edges provide extra security against butter-finger moments, while ports are covered to prevent dust, dirt, and lint from entering through openings.

The design is thoughtfully considered, and this case fits Pixel 7a perfectly, featuring cutouts for speakers, the power button, and the mute switch. Additionally, its cover over the Lightning port can easily be opened if wired headphones or chargers need plugging in, and its earpiece hole is covered by a small piece of silicon that doesn’t interfere with phone calls.

As with other OtterBox cases, this one may appear bulkier, but that is because its primary purpose is protection. It features OtterBox’s signature “OtterBox” logo on the back and comes in various colors. While it does not offer as much protection as its Defender series case (but it will still provide plenty of defense for your new phone), its Commuter Series case provides ample cover. Pick out the Buffer blogs.

One downside I could find with this case was its occasional two-part feel; there’s some slight play between silicon and plastic which creates the impression that you need to grip it in a particular way to prevent slipperiness, yet this didn’t compromise protection or appearance in any way. Also, the MagSafe part doesn’t always hold securely while charging — though that wouldn’t necessarily be considered a dealbreaker in my book.

CaseBorne Premium Crystal Clear Case

The Google Pixel 7a is an impressive mid-range smartphone designed to last. Packed with the flagship-level performance from Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and featuring a funky new color palette, as well as guaranteed software support for years, this durable phone requires protection against drops and bumps; for that purpose, CaseBorne Premium Crystal Clear Case comes to the rescue; featuring hybrid straightforward design with tempered glass screen protectors and military-grade protection to safeguard it against accidental bumps or drops. Plus, it is available at Amazon at a fraction of the cost, with a lifetime warranty included!

Clear cases are the ideal way to showcase the stunningly stylish Pixel 7a design. This one from Spigen combines a primary clear case and two tempered glass screen protectors for four layers of defense in one slim and lightweight package – you won’t feel like carrying around an additional brick! Plus, wireless charging functionality means that even with its case on, users can continue using their Pixel 7a as usual!

Spigen is known for producing top-quality products, and this case is no exception. Its transparent back is made of polycarbonate with an added bumper frame for extra protection. This material resists scratches and fingerprints while still offering a comfortable grip. A water-repellant coating and port covers help shield the case from dust and moisture damage. Additionally, it’s antimicrobial and promises to yellow much slower than similar clear cases on the market.

Caseborne’s V-Series case offers maximum protection for your Pixel 7a from accidental drops and bumps with its dual-layer construction: a soft TPU inner layer to cradle your device and a hard polycarbonate outer shell that absorbs any impact. Drop tested up to 21 feet for ultimate peace of mind. Plus, Caseborne stands behind its lifetime warranty!

A Texas-based company that created this case is on a mission to make your Pixel 7a “indestructible.” They understand that you lead an active lifestyle and want to help protect your digital gear in the wild, which is why this case offers MagSafe and wireless charging compatibility, plus anti-slip grip protection to keep it snugly in your hand during a commute or hike.

Peak Design Everyday Case

Peak Design has created the perfect case to keep your Pixel 7a protected while looking its best while out and about—one that features rugged MagSafe compatibility. With its combination of polycarbonate base with textured silicone wrap and convenient mount that offers a secure grip with adjustable rotation options, Peak’s case stands out as one of the finest choices available to Pixel 7a users. Although heavier than its competition on this list, Peak’s MagSafe-compatible option remains a solid pick. Guide to selecting the Forum profile links.

The main draw of this case is its MagSafe magnetic technology. Featuring two powerful magnets and a high-temp neodymium insert designed to work with various accessories (including Apple’s MagSafe mounts), this system uses two magnets and soft and hard locking mechanisms; soft locking creates an optimal magnetic connection for desk use, while strenuous locking provides an ultra-secure hold with vehicle mounts or mobile tripods.

This case is certainly expensive, but its investment could prove worthwhile if you’re an avid photographer or need to use MagSafe accessories with your phone securely. Plus, its durable textured nylon has withstood years of regular usage without showing signs of wear and tear!

Feintenn offers an attractive wallet case to safeguard your Pixel 7a. Their folio-style case may be less costly and come in various color choices than Peak Design cases. Its PU leather finish in brown or grey provides up to three card storage. Unfortunately, though, it won’t provide as much protection.

Caseology Nano Pop

Caseology Nano Pop stands out from its competition by boasting vibrant, two-tone colors. Made of soft silicone for optimal comfort in hands and pockets alike, its inner defense pattern adds extra protection with Air Space technology around corners and buttons.

The Nano Pop is a hybrid case, meaning that its soft shell provides soft protection while its polycarbonate bumper can withstand impact from falls and shock. While slightly thicker than some slim hybrid cases, its combination of style and grip makes it suitable for everyday use; if drops become an issue, however, more rugged cases such as the Stratum may offer greater drop and shock protection.

Caseology may be relatively young, but they have quickly established themselves as one of the premier phone case manufacturers—Spigen—over time. Their thin hybrid cases and solid protectors offer great pocketability with just enough protection—the Nano Pop is their newest offering and an ideal way to add some color and style to any Pixel 8 device!

As with its counterpart, Caseology Skyfall, this hybrid case boasts a crystal clear back panel and colorful bumper that adds extra protection for your device. Depending on which model you purchase, additional bright metallic bumpers may provide even greater style and impact protection. Like many of Caseology’s cases, Nano Pop comes in multiple colors to fit any lifestyle and is compatible with MagSafe technology.

The Nano Pop may not be the most costly case on our list, but it still costs more than Google’s official case and other third-party options. That being said, it makes an excellent investment if you want a stylish but durable case to protect your Pixel 8.

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