Best Evolved Royal Giant Deck


Best Evolved Royal Giant Deck is an impressive offensive deck that revolves around an evolved Royal Giant. This deck utilizes cards like Monk and Mother Witch for additional damage and crowd control, while Zappies and The Log offer swarm control by pushing back enemy troops and resetting their attacks.

1. Offense Deck

This best-evolved Royal Giant deck centers around quickly deploying and supporting the Royal Giant to destroy enemy towers rapidly. A combination of ranged and melee troops support this effort, including Magic Archers, Firecrackers, Mini P.E.K.K.Others such as Magic Archers are used as support troops; their damage output allows you to take down cannon towers quickly; they also provide reliable swarm control capabilities which enable you to take down cannon or bomb towers rapidly as well as clearing away small units such as Skeletons or Spear Goblins while clearing a path for your Royal Giant push.

This deck also contains various inexpensive cycle cards such as Guards and Bats to manage crowd control and counteract enemy units, such as Guards and Bats for crowd management and counteract enemy units. These cheap cards can help stall enemy rushes while protecting your elixir advantage. In addition, its combination of Fisherman and Mother Witch defenders allows it to deal with more significant pushes by dispersing its swarms using pulling abilities while turning troops into Hoglets for additional disruption and damage.

As well as these defensive options, this deck includes powerful offensive options like the Heal Spirit and Fireball to provide solid offensive capabilities. The former can disrupt enemy swarms while conserving Elixir, while Fireball deals heavy damage to their buildings while simultaneously threatening enemy swarms with its knockback feature.

This deck also utilizes the Royal Giant as its primary win condition. This massive tank is tough to kill, sporting 30% more health than its classic predecessor and efficiently dealing with any swarm or low hitpoint units your opponent throws. When supported by other teams like Phoenix and Magic Archer, its damage area increases considerably, and it becomes an efficient yet effective attack; its long reach also enables it to take down cannon towers at a distance from an adversary’s position.

2. Defensive Deck

This deck provides solid defense while still offering strong counter-push capabilities. Thanks to Zappies and The Log, which have excellent crowd control abilities that allow it to effectively debuff enemy units without incurring excessive resistance, your Royal Giant should reach opponent towers without difficulty. Furthermore, Guards and Bats serve as inexpensive ranged support troops, taking down buildings or distracting swarms as needed.

This deck boasts strong air support in the form of Phoenix and Electro Spirit, who serve to combat any aerial threats to Royal Giant while stunning or damaging defensive units to make its push more effective. However, the Royal Giant stands as its primary win condition: you can deploy it behind King Tower and quickly connect to the bridge as soon as possible while taking down enemy towers.

Analyzing your opponent and learning their strategy early in a game is crucial. One effective method of doing this is cycling through your deck in search of elixir advantage and noting what cards they will likely employ against you. Once this has been accomplished, deploy a Royal Giant into any lane where they make significant pushes to stop them in their tracks and disrupt them before they progress further.

At this stage, it may also be wise to strategically position Goblin Cages or Firecrackers near where your opponents’ big push will occur to bolster your fragile defense troops and ensure a successful outcome. Once your lane is secure enough for offensive play, using Royal Giants and supporting them with cards is now possible.

3. Counter-Attack Deck

This top-evolved Royal Giant deck is an excellent option for players who seek an effective combination of speed and damage. Hog Rider and Royal Giant serve as main attackers, while Archers and Valkyrie provide essential support. Furthermore, Golden Knight provides extra push when in double elixir mode.

This deck is more offensive than its counterpart and contains some cards that provide chip damage, such as Hunter and Giant Skeleton, while Electro Spirit and ZAP provide control via their stun abilities, and Fisherman can pull units away from Royal Giant to disrupt counterattacks.

This deck takes advantage of the Firecracker evolution to maximize damage per unit and deal accumulative damage over time, making this deck particularly effective against swarm troops and buildings. Fisherman provides excellent defense, making this fast-cycle deck a practical option.

This deck is ideal for taking advantage of the Royal Giant upgrade. This powerful unit boasts massive health, deals heavy building damage, and has a long attack range that could take down towers if left unchecked. However, remember that this deck requires assistance from other troops that deal ongoing damage, as it could go undetected otherwise.

Royal Giant’s evolution has added a new dynamic to the game, making it more difficult for players to defend their base. Therefore, you must maintain momentum quickly and apply constant pressure against your opponent. To do this effectively and economically, using cheap yet versatile troops such as Barbarians, Firecrackers, Mini P.E.K.K.It will allow you to destroy opponent towers and win quickly.

4. Swarm Control Deck

The Royal Giant is an effective swarm control card, and its best evolved royal giant deck uses this. Based on the Monk Phoenix cycle and using Royal Giant to support Monk’s abilities, this deck aims to defend against enemy pushes while quickly dismantling opponent towers.

With the new royal giant evolution, you can add an exciting new element to your deck with Goblin Barrel – providing significant chip damage while simultaneously distracting enemy troops. This card works well alongside Hunter and Giant Skeleton swarm control cards; additionally, it may help support minion horde attacks or disrupt enemy strategies.

This deck provides effective swarm control while offering solid counters against enemy units that deal high damage per second, making it an excellent option for players seeking to advance their Royal Giant from Arena 7 to Level 8.

While the Royal Giant can be a potent card, there are some considerations you must keep in mind when using it. First, remember that it cannot damage buildings or support units, so use this card to shield supporting troops.

Be mindful that the Royal Giant is vulnerable to splash units like Miners; their presence will give away your strategy and give away too much information about its strengths and weaknesses. Also, avoid playing Musketeers since this deck will inflict much more damage on it than expected by its opponent.

Include some high-damage-per-second units such as Elite Barbarians, Minion Horde, and Skeleton Army in your deck to address this issue. These cards can help stall enemy units by kiting them into other lanes or threatening the Princess Tower. In addition to that, ensure to include Arrows and Zap for extra speed when clearing away low hitpoint units from swarms – giving your Royal Giant more time to reach its enemy tower!